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Looking in the Mirror

So, if ya read the last Cowboy Commentary yer probably thinkin’, “this fella has taken a hard fall an’ he don’t quite have his wits about ‘im.” You may be right. My head has taken more than one jolt over the years. I’ve been leadin’ up ta somethin’. Somethin’ that is the heart and soul of the much talked about Cowboy Way. Most of the time a Cowboy has a natural sense of reality. A man’s word is his bond and a Cowboy lives by it. Shake his hand and a Cowboy is bound to the agreement. Ride all day in the sun in short sleeves and no hat an’ yer SURE to regret it. It’s all reality... like the wind whispering something in your ear, something that is just beyond recognition.  
Civilization has evolved over thousands of years with all of its advantages and all of its faults. But, it has evolved from a premise devised to conceal the truth. That attitude runs throughout the global community of man. What attitude? “I live in the city therefore; I am more advanced, more cultured than those unsophisticated people in the country. I live in the city where we set the rules, the standards for living. Here, I have all the advantages that place me and mine far above the uncultured rural populace.” You git my drift. I see it and hear it and can’t help but wonder if my urbane friends have ever listened to the earth as she planted her wisdom in their soul. 
The economy of this system is based upon the same evolution of “civilization” that robs the wealth of nations scattered over the planet and concentrates it in a relatively few population centers where it is squandered away on “good times”. The heart and soul of America; family ranches, farms, and small towns are slowly dying to support a false economy that gluttonously calls for more, more, more. And Why? Because if one looks, the mirror of true reality reflects a culture that cannot sustain itself without parasitically existing upon the backs of those same ranchers, farmers and small towns.  
The security of a nation and of the world itself depends upon our recognizing true wealth. Where and how rural economies can be preserved must be recognized if we are going to be responsible to the generations to come.  
Why do we live in economically depressed rural America? Why do our city cousins want so badly to “get out” at vacation time. Maybe the wind has whispered something in their ears. Maybe, just maybe… 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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