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New Look

      Looks like ya found yer way to my little chin music corner of the world. We (meanin’ Kassi & The Cowboy) are pretty excited about the new look of the Drovers website. Couldn’t wait ta get it up! Yeah, we committed the long recognized sin of getting’ the site up before it was completely ready fer yer consumption. But, it was kinda like staring at a present fer days on end wonderin’ what was tucked away inside. So, ya may find a few glitches scattered through the pages, but heck! Have a little fun with us anyhow! We’ll keep updating til we get it all worked out. 
      Ya may have noticed the subtitle, “Things sure look different from the back of a hoss! ”. Cowboys are known ta have their own outlook on life. I figger the whole world jest LOOKS different from the back of a hoss. Even the term hoss says a lot about a Cowboy mount. I grew up with cattle and saddle horses and I learned a long time ago that horses were them spoilt critters with blankets that folks keep in stalls currying and primping all the day long jest because. Our hosses lived out in the open jest like the cattle the way mother nature intended ‘em to. Never knew one ta have the colic or any such malady. Always had a hard time keepin’ ‘em from getting’ fat on good green grass an’ good hay generally got ‘em through the winter. Not that they didn’t get a little grain, especially when they put in a good day’s work, but heck, these animals were good hardy hosses! They were as dependable as yer best friend, sometimes more so.  
      So, the world may look different from up here. But, I bet most folks could recognize it if they spent enough time out in the open air. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Jest what these lungs need. 
So Long till next time, 
The Cowboy 


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