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The Membership Card

A Cowboy's saddle was his pride and joy. If he didn't own one to start with, he sure enough earned that ownership in time. Many outfits supplied a rig when the Cowboy hired on. As a matter of course, saddle makers stamped a number on each saddle for identification. As long as he was in the employ of the ranch, that saddle and its number belonged to the Cowboy it was issued to.

Well, we thought that was a mighty fine way to identify C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society members. You'll find your membership number on yer saddle there in the middle of the card.

A Cowboy might run on to a streak of hard luck now and then, but a Cowboy without his saddle was "dead broke." On the range, the Old Timers passed on one common piece of advice, "Never sell yer saddle!" Their meanin' was clear.

It was the Cowboy Way!

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