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Welcome to the Old Reliable House...

There's a chill in the air. Perfect weather for a Cowboy Wildrag! Cowboy Bandana, Cowboy Wildrag, Cowboy Scarf, Cowboy Silk Bandana, Cowboy Silk Wildrag, Cowboy Silk Scarf! Call it what you will. The Wildrag is a necessary tool for working Cowboys out on the ranch and for lookin' yer best in town too! You've found the right outfit for silk bandanna, wildrags, scraves! Click the link to view our selection.  
Read! DESPERATE SEED: Ellsworth Kansas on the Violent Frontier 
Our book is "the Rest of the Story about the old West's railheads, outlaws, lawmen, and tough towns." 
As early as 1868, Cowboys were driving cattle from Texas to Ellsworth, Kansas.  
Drovers Mercantile carries on the tradition of the old west with a wide selection of the Cowboy's friend, no matter what the weather, the famous Cowboy Silk Wildrag. We've got just the right neck trapping for the working Cowboy or an evening with the ladies. Check 'em out! 
That's why we say WILDRAGS, WILDRAGS, WILDRAGS! 100% SILK! We've got 'em! 
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